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written by Glynnis
June 11, 2021
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Client Spotlight –

Karen and Cassidy Birch of Roberts Creek Wellbeing

Partnering in a successful business model requires harmony, honesty, and mindfulness, allowing the space and grace for each partner to bring their unique gifts to the table. Karen and Cassidy Birch, an inspiring mother and daughter team, bring their passion for living well and their love for each other to uplift a community on BC’s Sunshine Coast, providing a sanctuary of healthy products in a heart-full store called Roberts Creek Wellbeing.
Working with these two beautiful souls to create their WellBrand story was a delightful and uplifting experience. So Joyous! 

Mother Daughter Team
Body, mind, home family

The Logo vision was not just about being welcoming, earthy-natural, and bringing fresh perspectives, but also about connection and community. This is how you create a subtle conversation in a logo. The letters link together, they connect. And they create a safe space, as do Cassidy and Karen, in their inviting store that offers local artisanal goodies for wellbeing to serve their community in Roberts Creek.


Wellbrand Story

The Wellbranding process begins with a soulful introspection, a discovery journey using the elements of Ayurveda to align the qualities of the entrepreneur and the vision for the business.  This wholehearted duo brought their superpowers together in perfect harmony, while shining their unique light for a promising venture. With this commitment and crystallized focus there can only be a successful future as business partners and a loving mother/daughter team bringing fresh perspectives and responsibly innovating change.


RCW BodyMindHomeFamily

Nourishing body, mind, home, family-no matter what

Karen and Cassidy opened their store just a few months before the arrival of Covid. Purchasing a health food store that had been in the community for 20 years, they passionately took that brave entrepreneurial leap to rebrand and recreate their own vision. In a very short time they had already created an inviting space for community, a one stop shop for everything to nourish body, mind, home, and family in the Heart of the Creek. The pandemic did not hinder these amazing women, they pivoted quickly and continue to provide the community with the products they need during this time, with order by phone and free delivery locally along the Sunshine Coast.

Featuring organic produce, groceries, body care, supplements & vitamins, books, cards, local art, crafts and jewellery, this passionate mother/daughter team at Roberts Creek Wellbeing, are bringing joy, beauty, and neccesities to their community in challenging times.

A conscious brand is created, watered, and grown when there is an ongoing alignment and connection to one’s life purpose and business vision. It starts out with a true exploration and expression of your own Hero’s Journey and the special elixir only you can bring back from your life experience. It flourishes from a consistent sharing and connection to the gift you have to share with your community, and the world. Karen and Cassidy committed with intention to this process and have manifested their dream business together – thank you Karen and Cass, we adore you and celebrate your ongoing flourishing.

Inside the store

3 tips for working with a partner in conscious business:

1. As with any relationship, first know YOURSELF before looking to your partner – understand your mind/body constitution. Take the Wellbrand Dosha Quiz

2. True harmony comes from allowing your partner to shine at what they do while you shine in your own unique way. Listen. Be generous. Come to the table holding space for your partner.

3. Recognize your strengths and create defined roles so each partner can feel confident, acknowledged, and clear about their actions and how they contribute. This one’s a BIGGIE!

Karen and Cass began their WellBrand adventure with great commitment to bringing fresh perspectives to their community By practicing their brand promise of responsibly innovating change, and by living in alignment with their life vision and soul purpose, they have brought their amazing insights and true listening to manifesting their dream business and life . Way to go!

Namaste & Be Well,


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  1. Brenda

    Love it! Love the fact that some of my favourite people were able to make something beautiful with some of my favourite people!

    • David

      Glynn was really excited to be able to work with them, and the end result turned out amazingly. Thanks for the connection, B!


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