What Makes Up Your Brand Constitution?

written by David
August 27, 2021
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In our last three InkWell articles we’ve gone over a number of aspects that make up a brand (and aspects which we help our clients uncover during their our BrandWell Day.) But what is the true essence of a brand, beyond the visuals and words? What really is your authentic brand constitution that reflects your soul purpose?

In this last article in the series, we want to explore the concept of your ‘Brand Constitution’, and how it informs the other components of your brand that we’ve already discussed. Any of you who are familiar with Ayurveda will see some definite parallels and inspirations.

Curious? Let dive into it…

DOSHA Symbols

Wellbranding, Ayurveda & the Concept of the Dosha

When we were starting The WellBrand, we made a very conscious decision to incorporate the science of Ayurveda into our work. It’s  elemental aspects, its philosophy of seeking balance and its goal of uncovering one’s fundamental make-up dovetailed nicely with what we wanted to achieve with our clients in the wellness world.

(To give some background, Glynnis is a Certified Ayurvedic Practioner as well as being a stellar graphic designer/branding expert and has been part of the Ayurvedic community for over 20 years.)

One of the basic principles of Ayurveda is that of the ‘dosha’, a person’s elemental constitution or ‘what makes them tick’. If that dosha is in balance, a person feels well and aligned with what they are doing. If the person’s dosha is out of balance, illness or stress appears – things are out of alignment. But the more we do the correct exercises for our dosha, eat the right food for our dosha, or otherwise do activities that bring us back into balance, we will again feel ‘well’.

Doesn’t it make sense then that a person should be as aligned as possible with the work they’re doing to feel the most fulfilled and successful? What if we considered that a business or brand could have a dosha as well – a brand constitution?


The DOSHA of Your Brand

When we spend time with a client during their BrandWell Day, our goal is to discover and reveal what’s unique about them, those qualities that will align their soul purpose with their business vision.

We want to discover the client’s personal dosha, but we also call upon the client to connect to their inner wisdom, their sense of presence, and their skills of self-observation to uncover the following about their business:

DESIRE – their impulses, aspirations, desires and what drives them

ORACLE – their inner creative guide

SWEETSPOT – their happy place or deepest calling

HERO – the transformative experiences they’ve had along their own personal ‘Hero’s Journey’

AVATAR – their truest self which shows them their destiny, purpose and a door to their divine nature.

In other words, we’re looking for the D.O.S.H.A. of their brand – their brand constitution!

The DOSHA Discovery Process

We ask questions like:

  • What is your most fervent desire both personally and with your work?
  • How does this desire hold meaning for you? Does it feel soulful, aligned? Does it feel GOOD to you?

With this, we try to tap into the client’s intuition, their inner knowing.

We ask questions like:

  • What are your oracles showing you right now as connected to your desire to align with your vision?

We ask questions like:

  • Do you know your happy place, the way of being that brings you peace, joy, fulfilment?
  • Can you crystallize it into a focused expression?

This is the journey that brings you the freedom to be completely and authentically who you are.

We ask questions like:

  • Can you recognize your hero’s journey, and can you tell its story?

This is the visualization of your inner landscape where you see yourself in all your fullness.

We ask questions like:

  • What do you look like in this place? What environment you are in?
  • What accompanies you – your good medicines, tools, or accessories?

The Results

It’s actually quite amazing what we uncover during this process of discovering a brand constitution. Our clients have experienced some genuine ‘aha moments’ and have definitely come to understand their deeper motivations for both themselves and their business ventures. This, in turn, has helped them clarify their business vision and get them excited to take their business to the next level.

And we as The WellBrand have been happy to act as guides through their always-surprising and inspiring voyage of discovery!

Again, if you are thinking of refreshing your brand and want to delve deeper into your relationship with your business or brand, consider booking a BrandWell Day with us!

Namaste & Be Well,

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