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From the BrandWell, you can choose to move on to one of our three WellBrand packages which all include Wellbranding (colour story, logo & accompanying graphics) and an aligned, branded website.

The WellBrand Basic

For clients who need all the Wellbranding basics, the roots and foundation of a cohesive brand and fruitful aligned business. In the WellBrand Basic We implement insights from the BrandWell, to deliver a purposeful brand, and a stunning website designed to reflect your unique vision and gifts.

Get ready to shine your soul offering out to the world.

The WellBrand Elevated

Our WellBrand Elevated includes everything in the WellBrand Basic, for launching your powerfully aligned business vision, with additional benefits for clients with advanced website needs, additional Wellbranding guidance, and operational materials for continued business success and personal wellbeing.

This Elevated package is the most popular because it fulfills the needs of most wellness businesses who are looking to go to the next level!

The WellBrand Enlightened

Our Wellbrand Enlightened, is a brand-expanding, reach-for-the-stars Shaktipat (lightning bolt awakening) that includes everything in the WellBrand Elevated, plus higher level website solutions, a full ready-to-roll graphic design package (such as package design, biz cards, etc.), one-on-one personalized web tutorials and personal wellness sessions for busy professionals.

This Enlightened package is for those who are ready to go all in, and all out, with the right team focused on launching your powerful and successful soul-brand in the most supported way!

Choose your WellBrand package:

just need a website?

We do that, too! If you don’t require our full BrandWell™ process, you can still choose The WellBrand to work with you to create an aligned and well-designed website. Check out our three WellBrand Website packages here

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