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Born in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Loved acting out made-up adventure stories as a child. Read pretty much every children’s book in the local library.

Adolescent three-instrument band/orchestra geek – clarinet, alto sax, bassoon. Taught myself computers on an Apple IIe. Gravitated to pastimes involving imagination- like role-playing games & sci-fi.

A distinctively varied career arc – first degree in civil engineering, second in education. Taught in elementary grades & Montessori preschool environments. Two year chef apprenticeship program led to restaurant/resort cooking. Positions in public relations, software product management & cultural services management. Web design (full/part time) for over 20 years (remember Netscape Navigator?).

I relish new knowledge/ideas/experiences. Lifelong love of travel has brought much adventure (like meeting Glynn on a train in Rajasthan, India!) I read a lot, can bake up a storm, love ashtanga yoga, have become a surprisingly consistent meditator, get along well with children & animals, and try to get into the forest (my happy place) as often as possible.

I now pour myself whole-heartedly into web design, creativity & art. I particularly enjoy working with people to create something that really resonates with them on a soul level.

My Dosha is Kapha/Pitta so that means a lot of solid organization (earth), flowing ideas (water), and some definite drive to do my best work (fire).

And I’m so happy that I get to work with my favourite person in the world!


Born in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Swim team – a natural fish, art class – a deep love. Tap dance – I still own a pair.

Art & Design college – graphic design and communications. Later on, computer graphics. 

Creative director/art director/graphic designer – Johannesburg, New York, Seattle  design studios and ad agencies for over 20 years.

Total pivot – finding more meaning in life’s work – Ayurvedic Practitioner – AYU Academy at Bastyr University, Wise Earth School of Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Institute. Educator, author, course developer in the wellness world. Multipreneur.

Founder – Ayurvedic aromatherapy company. Creative director, product developer, designer. Conscious business – partnered with a women’s Ayurvedic fair trade collective to produce an authentic product line.

Yoga for sanity. Meditation for the Spirit – a devoted practice. Walking for the body, in the kitchen with spices for the soul. 

Met Dave on a train in India (the train of destiny). Married in New York City. Living in Vancouver BC.

Now I have come full circle with my expertise and passion for design and communication, and wellbeing for all, through right livelihood and aligned purpose. 

My Dosha is Pitta/Kapha – that means a lot of sparkling creativity (fire), streams of ideas (water) and some consistent love & caring (earth).

My dream has come true to be working every day with my beloved guy.

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