How The WellBrand Works

1. start well

Sharing your unique skills or product in a captivating & authentic way is essential to building your business.  We start with our BrandWell™. In this powerful one-day process, we will help you clarify how your personal vision informs your branding and elevates your business.  Through engaging discussions and creative activities, we will uncover your special elixir, your secret sauce, your epic dreams and exhilarating passions that drive your business. 

You will emerge from the process with an empowering BrandWell action-plan in hand.

2. go well

Now that your unique superpowers have been revealed, it’s time to develop a Wellbrand that will help you shine, attract your people, and get you and your conscious biz remembered, loved and shared. 

Our WellBrand process manifests your entire soul-brand, from developing the strategy & message through designing and building the website, launching you and your gifts swiftly and distinctively out there and ready to flourish. Choose the WellBrand package that best suits your needs!

The WellBrand colour swatches
The WellBrand symbols Dave
The WellBrand logo

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