The BrandWell Finding the Gems

the brandwell™

The BrandWell™ is the first step on your wellbranding journey. It’s a powerful & experiential one-day intensive that’s filled with deep-rooted branding discoveries, soul-based business insights and more than a few personal ‘aha moments’.

the method

During the BrandWell™, we’ll focus on:

  • What drives your personal & career aspirations
  • Finding your true inner creative guide
  • Clarifying your happy place of power, prosperity, and peace
  • Revealing your true offerings and gifts
  • Exploring your essential makeup through the five elements– fire, water, earth, air and ether.

Using this unique information, we will discuss how these topics translate into the texture, story, colour scheme & visual elements of your WellBrand.

the result

By the end of the BrandWell™ day, you’ll have uncovered a deeper awareness of the themes, colours, symbols and story of your personal WellBrand and more clearly see the alignment of your product, business, or service with your deeper life purpose & vision as a healer, wellness entrepreneur, teacher, and/or conscious business owner.

the deliverables

One week after your BrandWell™ we’ll meet with you again to present your BrandWell™ Action Plan – ready-to-deploy steps & strategies to take your business to the next level. With this Action Plan in hand and your branding infused with purpose and inspiration, you’ll be set to communicate a powerful message to your audience and create a path toward wholehearted, soul-aligned prosperity! (You can check out an overview of the BrandWell™ Action Plan here)

We would be delighted to support your next steps with one of our WellBrand packages to translate your inspired vision into a beautiful and impactful product. And the cost of your BrandWell™ would be applied toward your chosen WellBrand package!

Curious about a typical BrandWell Day? Check out a sample itinerary.

The BrandWell includes the in-depth one-day intensive session and a detailed action plan that identifies your aligned business and brand path so you can move forward confidently.


Not sure whether a BrandWell is your best choice?

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