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Peace ambassador and yogi Farah Nazarali desired to bring a fresh face to her multiple offerings through the creation of a new website. This project focused on a full rebrand with the purpose of a new look, growing membership and ‘awakening serenity’.


“I am thrilled with my website and brand and keep getting so many compliments. It was the best business decision I made last year.”


Not only did Farah receive compliments, but her new packages have drawn new monthly members and she has seen growth in her coaching and conflict resolution offerings.

Awakening the Sacred - Farah Nazarali
Farah Nazarali - client logo
Farah Nazarali full logo - client project
Farah Nazarali client yoga teacher
Farah Nazarali Workshops- client

The BrandWell™ AND THE WellBrand Creative Process

Our process always starts with an intensive BrandWell™ day which uncovers the colours, symbols, feelings/desires & aligned business focus that are unique to each client. We then work with these discoveries to inform the entire branding process.

Farah’s BrandWell™ day was a truly enlightening session. We uncovered gems like her strong connection to the ‘follower’s journey’ and the word ‘luminous’, her significant desire for beauty, abundance & harmony and her focus on being of service and “doing what she was meant to be doing”.

The BrandWell™ gave us the direction we needed to create a truly aligned brand and website to ensure that Farah communicated her story.

Elemental Colours

While Farah felt most closely aligned to both flowing water (Kapha) and energetic fire (Pitta), she concluded that those elements would be best contained within a website of lighter, airier tones.

Symbolic Resonance

Farah resonated strongly with the the concept of “harmony in complexity” was drawn to Nature forms/shapes.

Farah Nazarali colour story

Design Focus

With the direction we gained from the BrandWell™, we proceeded to create a logo that reflected Farah’s chosen colour palette and her affinity for Nature and the sacred.

Banners and other graphics were created to incorporate both Farah herself, as well as beautiful natural surroundings and Nature elements.  Icons using simple, clean graphics were creatred to represent the packages she was offering.


Logo Design

Infusion of Nature

Repeating Elements

Farah Nazarali - Conflict Resolution
Farah Nazarali - website on iPad

Brand & Web Redesign

Farah had been using ‘Drishti Point’ as her personal website & membership portal for a number of years, but now felt it was time to rebrand herself under her own name with a completely new site with a fresh new look and feel.

Membership Integration

With the move to her new website, Farah required a smooth transition of all her members over to her new site and integrating them into her new membership levels. 

Variety of Offerings

Farah’s diverse services included in-person yoga classes, yoga & meditation videos, online and in-person workshops & retreats as well as her emerging conflict resolution offerings. All of these had to be cohesively reflected and organized within an easy-to-navigate website.

We focused on integrating a lightness and serenity into Farah’s website. This reflected her desire for both a calm user experience, as well as for simple beauty.

Farah Nazarali yoga package strategy
Farah Nazarali coaching package strategy

Program Bundle Concepts & Development

One of the key directives that emerged from Farah’s BrandWell™ was a desire to reimagine her existing membership program into new comprehensive packages. Out of our strategic creative sessions, six different ‘bundles’ emerged.

These packages all incorporated Farah’s existing library of yoga, meditation and relaxation videos and added other offerings such as live Zoom classes, regular email guidance and full in-person coaching options.

“Wow! It was such a pleasure to work with Glynnis and David (the WellBrand team). They delivered such prompt, professional service; answering all my questions and concerns and taking care of all the many and varied details.”


9 + 2 =

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