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the mystic masala aromatherapy

Conscious business begins with a desire to create change for good.  

The Mystic Masala product line design challenge was to evoke sacred beauty while communicating purity.  

Illuminating design for an enlightened product.


“I am in love with the Mystic Masala Candles! I consider the natural Mystic Masala Ayurvedic candles the most uplifting small item addition to both the store and my personal life. They are divinely inspired creations that enliven a symphony of healing qualities in and around us. What better gift to give to ourselves and others?”


The integrity of the products and the eye-catching package design propelled The Mystic Masala into multiple locations in North America, from Whole Foods to independent wellness boutiques to yoga studios to luxury Ayurvedic spas.

In 2015, The Mystic Masala Aromatherapy was purchased by a prominent entrepreneur with a  conscious business who fell in love with the “impeccable” product line and recognized the potential of the brand.

The Mystic Masala Aromapothecary
Mystic Masala travel tin candles
Mystic Masala tridoshic candle
Farah Nazarali Workshops- client

THE WellBrand Creative Process

A product line born from following one’s bliss. A vision to create a completely natural Ayurvedic aromatherapy product line began with masterful blending of unique scents to balance the body-mind constitution.

CEO and Creative Director Glynnis Osher brought her experience as an Ayurvedic Practitioner and her skill as a Creative Director/Designer to the product development & marketing of 26 unique & authentic products.

Elemental Colours

Crisp colours evoking sacred Vedic art predominated with the five elements holding a place throughout the Mystic Masala product lines – Vata (air), Pitta (fire & water), Kapha (earth & water) and Tridoshic.

Symbolic Resonance

Bold elemental symbology told the story of the Ayurvedic philosophy of wellness and connection to Nature.

Mystic Masala colour swatches
The Mystic Masala tealight candles


The Sacred Incense created by the Mystic Masala Aromatherapy was a perfect example of the sacred design and product philosophy infused throughout the brand. Colours are vibrant, earthy and evocative of the elements. The incense was ethically sourced and environmentally-friendly made up of ground crystals, spices, essential oils, flowers and herbs.

Iconic Mystic Symbols

Conscious Colours

Harmonious Packaging

Sacred Scents

Pure essential oils and botanicals were melded to create scents that evoked those found in sacred temples.

Biodegradable Packaging

The Mystic Masala worked with Wild Earth Nepal, a women’s Fair Trade collective in Kathmandu co-creating products with a focus on enviro-conscious packaging where less is more.

More beautiful, less footprint.

Fair Trade & Ethically Sourced

Fair Trade relationships and authentic production methods are embodied by fresh, bright package design imbued with sacred story and symbology.

Mystic Masala incense labels
Mystic Masala incense
Mystic Masala incense label
Wild Earth Nepal drying herbs
The Mystic Masala Ayurvedic soaps
Wild Earth Nepal infusing herbs
Wild Earth Nepal infusing herbs
Wild Earth Nepal sorting safflower
Mystic Masala massage oils on laptop

Through meaningful use of colour and relational branding, the Mystic Masala Aromatherapy created a distinct & beautiful family of products.

“The entire product line from packaging to aromatherapy formulas is impeccable.”


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