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Zāle Design creates artful and meaningful landscapes that reflect the Coastal Western Hemlock Biogeoclimatic forest ecosystems. The landscape architecture firm was launched in 2018 and recognizes that the culture and knowledge of the First Peoples are critical in creating meaningful landscapes.

Owner Kristine Zalite wanted her branding to convey her connection to Nature as well as her personal spiritual path.


“I feel like this was the last piece of the puzzle and now I can confidently go out and sell my business. Your design work has really been a support pillar for me in starting this business, and I love how the designs have turned out. I feel indebted to The WellBrand team for helping me achieve a level of confidence that has landed me my dream contract! Thank you, for such a powerful business process!”


Kristine was able to utilize her new wellbranding immediately as she launched Zāle Design – her new company which had been a long-time vision. Zāle Design engaged and secured exciting new contracts including a dream contract with the Vancouver Zoo.

Farah Nazarali - client logo
Zale Design sundial
Zale Design projects
Zale Design bird logo

The BrandWell™ AND THE WellBrand Creative Process

Our process always starts with an intensive BrandWell™ day which uncovers the colours, symbols, feelings/desires & aligned business focus that are unique to each client. We then work with these discoveries to inform the entire branding process.

Through the BrandWell™ process, the messaging to express Kristine’s superpower was honed – to create intutive sacred garden spaces of beauty for wellbeing and embodiment. The BrandWell™ also potently revealed Zāle’s avatar – opening portals, connecting with earth medicine, planting seeds of consciousness, inspiring spirit gardens and creating community. The WellBrand crystallized these findings into a powerfully aligned brand for Zāle Design.

Elemental Colours

Kristine consulted her Feng Shui chart that she had previously done and was reminded that she has Yang Fire and a very good chart with a dragon in it. Based on this and her BrandWell™ discovery, we chose the orange-red bird and midnight blue text for the logo.

Symbolic Resonance

Kristine resonated strongly with flying and the ground strength of trees. The Zāle branch-bird arose from this.

Zale Design colour palette
Zale Design stationery
Zale Design landscape architecture project iPad

Website Design

The goal was to create a wellbranded, concise and easy-to-navigate website that showcases Kristine’s skills and expertise as a creative landscape architect. A curated portfolio with ‘Feature Projects’ offers a stunning exhibition of the work of Zāle Design.

Kristine’s connection with Nature and dreams of flying and her love of green/ground/garden with sparks of fire with a desire to create calm and stillness informed the Zāle WellBrand story resulting in a brand that radiates confidence and creative expertise.

Plans for Success

As a new landscape architecture company, having your own titleblock is empowering. With Zale Design’s fresh branding, our client Kristine is confidently acquiring her ideal projects.

Zale Plan 1
Zale Plan 2
Zale Plan 3

“Working with The WellBrand team on well-branding my company has been such a successful experience! I was guided through a well-branding process that helped me to reveal my deepest values for my new business. I went from having no idea what my business brand would look like to having a gorgeous package of business materials that included a website, business cards, letterhead, and architectural titleblock for my design drawings. I went from being insecure about my company image to being extremely proud to hand out my cards, submit drawings, and talk about my business goals and visions.

I feel like I can move into my own consultant business with more confidence because I have your beautiful designs.”


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