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Hillberg & Berk is a jewellery maker for women, by women based in Canada. Rachel Mielke, who founded the company at her kitchen table, has grown this sparkling business with a team of women and a community of women who support them. H&B is a purpose-driven brand that advocates for women in numerous ways including a powerful annual fundraising campaign for International Women’s Day (IWD).

Glynnis was hired for her branding & creative direction expertise for the 2019 campaign which focussed on building on previous IWD campaigns, strengthening the connection between the H&B Venus pin and women’s empowerment and donating all net proceeds to providing feminine hygiene products to girls & women in need.


“…the campaign for International Women’s Day is on fire! We are loving it. Great job… cannot extend enough thank-yous for the work…”


H&B expressed that their 2019 IWD campaign was their most successful up to that point resulting in sold-out Venus pins and raising funds above their projected goal. 

Hillberg & Berk - Empowered Women pin
Hillberg & Berk - Celebrate Your Power
Hillberg & Berk - Empowered Women pin
Hillberg & Berk - Empowered Women pin on denim

THE WellBrand Creative Process

The creative goal of the 2019 IWD campaign was to invite women to belong to a sisterhood who are proud to ‘Celebrate Their Power’.

While the Venus pin was to be worn to show that the wearer was part of a group of empowered women who want to make a difference in this world, the Venus ‘swish’ was designed to draw them in and connect them to the campaign.

Women were invited to feel their power each time they wore their pin or interacted with the campaign.

Elemental Colours

The H&B branding colours with the addition of a ‘sparkle’ background were used to build on brand consistency and to create powerful, dynamic visuals.

Symbolic Resonance

The directive was to make a connection both visually & emotionally that the Venus symbol is the symbol of women’s empowerment. The Venus ‘swish’ symbol was designed as a strong feminine identity for the campaign aligning it with the sparkle movement.

Hillberg & Berk colour palette

Campaign Message

The 2019 IWD campaign featured a number of empowered women – influencers using their unique gifts to make a difference in the world.

“Empowered women empower women, period.” was presented to the H&B team and instantly became the inspired campaign ‘mantra’. It succinctly and emotionally connects the campaign with its goal of providing feminine hygiene products to girls & women in need. Women helping women live healthier and more dignified lives.


Campaign Concept

Empowered Fundraising

Inspiring Campaign Elements

Hillberg & Berk - Empowered Women 5 - Rachel Mielke
Hillberg & Berk - Empowered Women 2 - Imoleayo Adeyeri
Hillberg & Berk - Empowered Women 1 - Melissa Coomber-Bendtsen
H&B IWD bus shelter poster
Hillberg & Berk - Empowered Women 6 - Tina Beaudry-Mellor
Hillberg & Berk - Empowered Women 4 - Kylie Woods
Hillberg & Berk - Empowered Women 3 - Jenna Tickell

“Lots of ‘wows’ on this side and lots of ‘how can I participate’ from all areas of the business. The beautiful creative just inspires us all to get involved. Ultimately, that was the intention.

You nailed it.”

Hillberg & Berk - Venus pin laptop

An empowering campaign that exceeded fundraising expectations and awareness through meaningful creative solutions.


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