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the spice life

The Spice Life encapsulates spice blends, perfumes, workshops, and online learning experiences in the world of Ayurveda and aromanutrition.

Creating this branding communicates the story of educational and edible products and services with a sensual character and an ancient lineage.

Complex and clean, bold and mysterious. The Spice Life is an experience of self-care and wellness discovery in the aromatic healing arts.

Inspiring tools for an inspired journey. 


“What a wonderful program you have created! The content is very well organized, and I love the visual look and feel. I appreciate all the downloads – they are beautiful!.”


Not only was The Spice Life able to beautifully promote its Ayurvedic events like Spice Lounge or Seasonal Cleanses, but it has now become a successful online learning portal through its Academy Aromatica offerings.

The Spice Life logo
The Spice Life Spice Lounge
The Spice Life Spice Mistress
The Spice Life bud icon

THE WellBrand Creative Process

The Spice Life began as a partnership that pivoted and therefore required a significant brand refresh.

The creative challenge was to unify the various products & offerings under one comprehensive brand portal.

With textures, colours & stories that evoke the desire to live a life of wellbeing, the branding offers a sensual oasis to the ideal Spice Life audience.

Elemental Colours

While the world of spices contains a myriad of colours, there was nothing quite as seductive as the brilliant red of a chilli pepper to represent The Spice Life. Gold represents the enriching journey of the spices through the ages.

Symbolic Resonance

The ‘spice bud’ symbolizes the seed of wisdom and the potentiality that knowledge brings.

The Spice Life colour swatches

Product Design

Memorable Spice Life branding brings recognition across its multiple product lines. The goal is to create exquisite online learning experiences and physical products.

Packaging Design


Course & Curriculum Design

Wellness Experiences

The Spice Life Spice Deck
The Spice Life on iPad

Brand & Web Redesign

A fresh new look both functional and beautiful.

Online Learning Integration

A course module was incorporated into the new site to allow for a graceful user experience from purchase to course functionality.

Ayurvedic Events & Experiences

The site was also designed to be a home for ongoing Ayurvedic events like experiential Spice Lounges and online Seasonal Cleanses. 

The Spice Life branding challenge was to create a cohesive visual story while integrating a mosaic of products and offerings. Beauty matters!

Online Course Design & Development

A course filled with great content that is visually boring or confusing can fall flat and not deliver what it promises.

Sharing a passion as an educator and creating stunning graphics as a designer makes for a merger of exciting online learning experiences.  

With so much choice in online courses, beauty matters. It inspires, uplifts, and creates transformation in the world. 

Aromadosha Blueprint Ayurvedic online course
Aromadosha Blueprint Ayurvedic online course kit
The Spice Life Aroma 911
The Spice Life Aroma 911 online course
The Spice Life Aroma 911 online course

“The AromaDosha Blueprint is an absolutely stunning course! It is visually gorgeous, filled with inspiration and delivered in a way that makes the information completely accessible.”


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