The Yoga of Wellbranding

written by Glynnis
May 27, 2021

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Client Spotlight – Farah Nazarali


For those in the healing arts, including holistic practitioners, coaches, teachers, energy workers, and yoga instructors – the idea of branding oneself or one’s business can be muddled. Mixed up in the perspective that this work is all about service, the idea of putting oneself out there as a business with a brand and essentially becoming a product for sale, can be unsettling and bring up feelings of confusion and self-doubt. 

What makes all the difference is having a true vision that your offering is valuable, much needed, and that by clearly communicating what you are selling, you are making it easier for those who really need you, to find you and benefit from your work. 

This becomes a form of Yoga. The clarity, harmony, consciousness, as well as the trust, flow, and devotion to your offering expands, becomes more beautiful, and uplifts those around you. 

Farah Nazarali, our spotlight client for this month, embodies all of this. Working with Farah to create her Wellbranding was like moving through a series of gentle asanas. When there were questions and obstacles (there were very few if any), we all breathed into them. Farah is super-clear about her vision for her work here – what she has to offer the world. This made it very attuned for us to create her branding. Her practice as a yogi coupled with her conflict resolution coaching, brought a blissful flow to our BrandWell discovery process. 

Farah Nazarali
Farah Nazarali colour swatches

The colour palette flowed through Farah as if she was downloading the swatches from  a prism of light. It came together gracefully and swiftly. It was so perfectly aligned with her connection to the word ‘luminous, and her significant desire for beauty, abundance, and harmony and her focus on being of service – of “doing what she was meant to be doing”

We put that together in a way that really spoke to her story and vision.


What a pleasure to create in this atmosphere of Sthira Sukham Asanam. 

This is the foremost instruction in the Sage Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra’s. This means be steady and comfortable in your seat or pose and as a life wisdom, this advice applies to everything.


Farah Nazarali - Yoga, Meditation, Conflict Resolution - Branding, Website, Programs

As a teacher and guide, Farah is entirely devoted. She is unwavering in her commitment to awakening serenity and her memberships, workshops and classes offer this promise – when you meet her, you know it is possible as she radiates this in abundance.

We have captured this spirit in Farah’s branding and website and feel blessed to have had the opportunity to co-create her Wellbrand. 


Take a look at Farah’s site and discover what she has to offer.

Farah Nazarali full logo - client project

3 ways to begin to clarify your own vision:

 1. First know thyself – understand your mind/body constitution. Take the Wellbrand Dosha Quiz

2. Connect with colours and symbols that resonate strongly with you, start noticing as they show up around you, snap images of them, write them down, connect with them through journalling.

3. Take time to connect with your personal Hero’s Journey –  your story, successes, challenges, what you’ve overcome, what you’ve learned about yourself and your unique gifts.

Farah had great clarity to create her most aligned brand, using the three steps above along with the BrandWell process, we LOVE how she is flourishing , growing her business, expanding her practice and living in alignment with her life vision and soul purpose. Thank you Farah!

Namaste & Be Well,


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