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August 13, 2021
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Last week, we talked about how assembling a ‘brand palette’ was a fun but very important step in our BrandWell process, but as you would have already guessed, it’s not the only one.

Arguably the most powerful and potentially iconic aspect of your brand will be your logo. It needs to be eye-catching & memorable, but it’s also crucial that your logo reflects who your are and what your business represents.

While it may end up going through numerous iterations, The WellBrand begins the process of creating your logo during the BrandWell Day. In today’s article we’ll give you the inside scoop about why we start with the idea of  your ‘personal power symbols’, why this is vital, and how we build on this to create a meaningful brand logo.

Soul Symbols

Visual icons are used in brand imagery for various reasons – recognition, recall, comfort, familiarity, and loyalty all being among them. These are transformed into logos to ensure a product or service stands out in a unique, memorable way which, in turn, builds a brand.

The WellBrand begins the process of creating your logo with personal symbols that are meaningful to you on a deep, soul level. These ‘soul symbols’ act as empowering totems, touch-points and reminders of who your are, your essence. Using personal power symbols as inspiration for a brand logo, brings a cohesive, authentic visual to attract the right audience and share your conscious message.

Standing Out in the Crowd

But simply using a soul symbol isn’t enough, of course. There are likely to be many others who also connect deeply with similar symbols whether those be swirls, stars, leaves, birds or Om symbols. 

So how do you make your meaningul symbol unique?

Similar symbols are made unique through design, adornments, colour, and consistent repetitive use in relationship to you and your brand.

Even if you think it has been used before (and it likely has), wellbranding allows you to breathe new life into YOUR symbol and make it your own.

lotus flower

Client Examples

Zāle Design

(Landscape architecture)

When choosing her soul symbols, Zāle Design owner Kristine Zalite resonated strongly with flying and the ground strength of trees. The Zāle branch-bird arose from this.

bird silhouette
Zale Design bird logo

The Spice Life

(Aromatic Ayurveda)

The Spice Life Aromatic Ayurveda wanted to evoke both the spices themselves as well as their mystical, healing nature. The ‘spice bud’ symbolizes the seed of wisdom and the potentiality that knowledge brings.

lotus bud
The Spice Life bud icon

The WellBrand Example

When we were coming up with our own logo, two symbols/images kept coming up for each of us. For Glynn, it was a lotus flower which signified beauty and spiritual growth & attainment. For me, it was a crystal for both its groundedness and its potential to become something amazingly beautiful.

Both of these meaningful symbols definitely spoke strongly to us, and these were developed into the present ‘crystal lotus’ of The WellBrand logo.

amethyst crystal
The WellBrand lotus logo

Your Own Symbol Story

To create a memorable and striking logo, we first have to uncover what symbols resonate powerfully with our clients. This process begins during the BrandWell Day and it’s another reason why we see the day as so important. It’s during that Day where we find out what makes a client tick and where we really start to ‘get them’. From there, we can begin to create a brand and logo that are both authentic and meaningful to them.

What are your personal power symbols? What images or icons resonate with you? Let us know in the Comment section.

And if you are thinking of refreshing your brand to something really authentica and meaningful, consider booking a BrandWell Day with us!

Namaste & Be Well,

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