Embracing Your Brand Mantra

written by David
August 19, 2021
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In the past two articles, we’ve covered two aspects of our BrandWell process (your brand palette and your logo), and this week we’d like to extend this series by talking about another important concept that’s initiated during the BrandWell Day – a brand mantra!

Your brand mantra comes from your purpose. This is not your mission statement or your philanthropic business desires. Your business purpose is deeply linked to your life purpose – for a better life, better community, better world. It’s more than just a sales tagline because your brand mantra reflects you and your holistic business aim.

So how do we begin to zero-in on your brand mantra? Read on…

Finding Alignment

The first question we attempt to answer during the BrandWell Day is:

“What is My Life Purpose as Aligned With My Business Purpose?”

Follow up questions may include: “Does your purpose burn within you, does it give you meaning, a reason to do what you do?” “Are you intentional with this every day that you share your gifts, ideas, creativity?” What we’re really trying to do is dig deep to find what your true motivations are and what you’re trying to accomplish both in your life and your life’s work.

Your brand evolves out of your purpose. Keeping your purpose alive and, most importantly, ALIGNED with who you are is directly linked with your self-care practice and the daily nurturing of the authentic expression of your purpose out in the world.

To really tap into this authentic expression, we share a creative brainstorming session during the BrandWell Day.

Your WellBrand Mantra

It’s important to note at this point that we do not use the term ‘mantra’ lightly. We are very aware that the term has sacred meanings and it – as well as many other similar terms – have been co-opted by various industries to give things a ‘sacred flavour’.

Instead, The WellBrand utilizes the word ‘mantra’ with a very defined purpose. Your brand mantra is a reflection of you and your meaningful intentions for your business. The brand mantra will be repeated and each time it does, it will be a reinforcement of those genuine intentions.

Your brand mantra, your product, business, or service’s soul-vision statement is really your commitment to sharing your gifts declared out loud and proud to the world. It is created and derived from your PURPOSE and it is captured in a short essential statement.

During the BrandWell Day, we take time to talk about your offering in words that can capture your purpose, that soul-vision statement. We ask: “Can you sum up your offering in two sentences or less?” and then we offer a list of possible words to start things off. (Of course, you are only limited by your imagination, and we welcome whatever words resonate with you.)

Brand Mantra Sample Words

True confession: this is my favourite part of any BrandWell Day as I could work all just with words and finding the right phrasing… 🙂

Client Example

Farah Nazarali

(Yoga & Conflict Resolution)

Farah Nazarali logo

Farah’s BrandWell™ day was a truly enlightening session and we uncovered and clarified her significant desire for beauty, abundance & harmony and her focus on being of service.

Using the words that resonated with Farah, we distilled her brand mantra to ‘Awakening Serenity’.

The WellBrand Example

We put ourselves through our own BrandWell process when we were working on the branding for The WellBrand, and when it came to a brand mantra, we wanted to convey our desire for the success of our clients both with their wellness business/offering, but also within their lives in general. We also wanted to communicate that we were encouraging our clients to live fully within who they authentically were.

After a number of iterations, we decided upon our “Live Well. Earn Well. Be Well” brand mantra. What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments.

live well earn well be well

Your Own Brand Mantra

Give some thought to what your higher life and business goals are. Can you distill these down to a short, powerful statement? What message do you really want to convey about yourself and your work? 

For some, this comes quite easily, but for others, it takes a good amount of soul-searching , thought and maybe even a dictionary or some outside assistance.

Again, if you are thinking of refreshing your brand to include an authentic and soul-defining brand mantra, consider booking a BrandWell Day with us!

Namaste & Be Well,

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  1. Glynnis

    Hi Dave! I absolutely loved developing and co-creating this process of the brand mantra with you and also love the way you have made it so accessible to grasp in this great article. NICE! Thank you!

    My higher life goals are definitely aligned with my higher business goals. I have seen that for most people in the wellness world, in service sharing their gifts out to there that this alignment is super-important. Brand Mantras are like sacred mantras in that they affirm over and over again our deeper connection to that purpose.


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