Why Your Website Matters: Your Home Online

written by David
June 17, 2021
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So, these days pretty much every entrepreneur or business owner acknowledges that they need some sort of consistent web presence – it’s vital, in fact. Many show up online via one or two (or many) social media accounts, some go further by creating regular content for a YouTube channel or a TikTok feed, while others opt to hire a social media manager to handle all of it.

But what about the ‘digitally antiquated’ notion of your website? Is it still as important as it used to be? The short answer is ‘Yes, yes it is’!

We like to think of your website as your ‘home online’. You’re inviting people into your world and want them to enjoy their visit. Your website, like your home, should show off your personal style and those little touches that make you unique. It should also help tell your story, much as a chachki from your travels, a piece of art or your choice of furniture give physical visitors a sense of who you are and what is aligned and meaningful to you. Your home, after all, is where you’re most authentically ‘you’, right?!

Home Chachkis

Your website provides three vital elements:

  • an online overview of who you are, what your business is, and your credentials
  • a place to clearly showcase all of your offerings (and/or packages!)
  • a window to your unique story (in full, not just in short social media blurbs…)
  • (a bonus element would be an additional platform to communicate with you, though many are using social media and instant messaging for this)
Farah Nazarali homepage

FarahNazarali.com (Yoga & Conflict Resolution)

It could be argued that for wellness entrepreneurs your website is even more crucial. While clients may get to know you casually via social media, your website is a chance for your ideal audience to really learn about you and see if you’re a good fit for the soul-based work they are looking for. Your website allows you to take your clients/potential clients on a visual journey through both your personal hero’s journey, why you’re a good fit for them, as well as clearly communicate what they will achieve through working with you.

In short, you need to be truly aligned with your brand and your website so that you’re communicating your vision and offerings authentically out to your ideal audience. Your website visitors will in-turn feel an alignment with you and it will increase the potential that they will choose to work with you.

And with regard to showcasing what you offer, organizing this well and using clearly understandable language (in your voice) is key. Potential clients want to know exactly what they’re getting and how much it costs. If you can offer something that other’s can’t, definitely mention this prominently. And I mentioned packages above – this is definitely the way to go if you are able to bundle services or products and/or can offer them on an ongoing basis (weekly, monthly, etc).

And don’t underestimate the power of beauty as well! We’ve all had that experience of visiting a website that looks very staid and ‘templated’ (or maybe didn’t function as it should). The content may be there and the services look valid, but if the owner doesn’t seem to care about how they display themselves to the world or poorly communicates what they’re doing, are they really the best choice? You want your visitors to get what they need from your site, but you also want them to enjoy the environment you’ve created.

The Spice Life

The Spice Life (Aromatic Aromatherapy)

To go back to the home analogy, if you invite people into your living space, you want them to feel comfortable, but you also want them to know that you’ve got your own style and that you made an effort to make your guests feel ‘at home’.

One final note: you also want visitors to know that you take care of the place. Much as you don’t want visitors to your home to think you never clean or fix anything, you’ve got to keep up with website maintenance, updates and some sprucing up once in a while. As someone whose built many websites for myself and others, I’ve seen what happens when those shiny, new websites aren’t touched for an extended period after they’ve been created. Things start to fall apart, and that’s not a good look online.

inviting house

So, in the end, tell your story, clearly communicate your offerings, and definitely make it all beautiful and memorable! You have many potential ‘house guests’ out there, so lay out the digital welcome mat for them and make things as inviting (and informative) as possible.

How are your feeling about your own website? Is it telling your story clearly and beautifully? What is your favourite part of it? Is it in need of some TDC (tender digital care)? Let us know in the comments.

Namaste & Be Well,

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    Hi Dave, so lucky to be your partner in this WellBrand world. You rocked this! Great blog…really made me think about websites in a different way.


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